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Knowing yourself and the impact you have on others is the key to a fulfilling life and career.  Working together, we will build your Self Awareness and Emotional Intelligence.  Your outcomes will include an enhanced sense of peace, confidence about your direction, and tools that will help you have the Influence you want to have on the world around you.

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About Dot Proux


As a professional coach with 30 years of business leadership experience, I work with executives, directors and high potential managers to create career and life clarity and build critical leadership competencies. 
Credentials and Certifications:  Certified Public Accountant, Global Professional in HR, Certified Professional Co-Active Coach, ICF ACC credential, Certified Master Facilitator.  Certified to administer and use Korn Ferry ESCI 360, CPI 260, Intercultural Development Inventory, Immunity to Change, TRACOM

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Understand where you are.  Decide Where you want to be. Make a plan and go.

Self Awareness and Personal and Leadership Skill Building

Emotional Intelligence Coaching

Using the Korn Ferry ESCI 360 survey tool, we will assess your current emotional and social awareness.  Armed with an understanding of where you are currently and exploring powerful questions about where you want to go, we will create momentum by engaging in reflective self exploration and experiential learning.  You can expect some immediate results as you practice new behaviors and begin a life-changing journey toward stronger relationships and leading with greater impact.

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Embrace different perspectives and lead diversity with confidence

Inclusive Leadership Coaching

In communities and workplaces where opinions are strong and varied, our default is often to minimize our differences in an effort to "get along."  Ignoring or dismissing diversity is costly at work and in our communities, and can damage our personal relationships.   Using the Intercultural Development Inventory, we will assess your current competency at navigating differences that make a difference. We will create opportunities for you to practice curiosity with respect, leading you to an enriched understanding of people different from yourself. You can expect to improve in the Emotional Intelligence competencies of Empathy, Influence, and Inspirational Leadership, and you will experience better results as a leader or member of a diverse team.

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Make progress on changes that have proven challenging in the past

Overcoming Immunity to Change

Why is it that our efforts to change prove stubborn even when we know that our relationships, careers, health, and sometimes our very lives depend on it?  Using the Immunity to Change Framework developed by Robert Kegan and Lisa Lahey of Harvard University, we will peel back the layers of resistance to uncover your hidden immunity to change.  You can expect to develop a deep understanding of what lies at the heart of your change resistance.  Together we will develop an action plan to make meaningful progress toward your change goal.

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Create meaningful dialog to raise awareness and build competencies

Workshop Facilitation

I am skilled at and energized by creating and facilitating conversations.  Commonly requested topics include:
Inclusive Leadership
Gender Dynamics
Confidence Building
Presence and Self Awareness
Emotional Intelligence
Immunity to Change
Integrating brief self assessments, small group discussions, and action planning into the dialog creates an energetic environment that leaves participants feeling positive and able to implement new tools immediately.  In these discussions, I draw not only on my professional competencies as a coach and certified master facilitator, but also on my years of experience as leader in a fast paced global organization.

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Spend some time with yourself; you'll find Clarity.

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